Fish Habitat (Steve Seitz)

Purpose:  Enhance structure on the lake bottom from 2 to 20 foot below the full pool surface utilizing the guidelines and recommendation provided by the committee and approved by the BLHA Board. The area around the picnic area dock is one of the focus areas to encourage family gatherings and offer the opportunity for anglers to enjoy the excitement of catching fish.

In response to questions from residents, Berkeley Lake is a private lake and BLHA Members and their guests do not require a FISHING LICENSE to fish on the lake.

Refer to Lake Restoration Timeline for planned activities FAQs

Lake View – BLHA Picnic / Boat Ramp:


Lake Habitat Goal:  Develop / improve structure elements within the lake to enhance the habitat to promote a safe and healthy environment which support the long term fisheries management program established for the lake.

Options Available:

  1. I wish to contribute funds to be used for enhancing habitat structures as documented in Berkeley Lake Restoration Committee’s (BLRC) plans based on recommendations from industry Fisheries Biologists.
  2. I am interested in developing habitat around my dock / property.  (Please Email Me Information)
  3. I am interested in providing support (My Time) to assist with habitat activities.

Lake View – Northeast End: