Fish Restocking (Steve Seitz)

Purpose:  Coordinate with local anglers / members, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Fisheries Biologist to replenish the fish based on recommended stocking guidelines. Refer to Lake Restoration Timeline for planned activities FAQs

“An Acre of Fish” In support of re-establishing Berkeley Lake’s ecosystem, please consider donating $100 to BLHA and receive recognition for restocking the following fish into the lake, (50 Bass, 500 Bream / Bluegill, 50 Channel Catfish, 5 Grass Carp, and 1,000 minnows).

*** Limited Availability *** There are 88 acres of lake surface and therefore only 88 opportunities to provide this unique gift for those special occasions, i.e. Father’s Day, Birthdays … etc.

image009Fisheries Management Goal:  To promote a balanced environment for the lake in consideration of the varied uses within the community. Fisheries Biologist recommend the use of fish feeders for supplementing food for “forage fish” to provide a steady supply of nutrients for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Options Available:

  1. I wish to contribute funds to purchase fish food for fish feeders located at the picnic area.
  2. I am interested in purchasing a fish feeder / food to be located at my dock / property.       

In April 2012, Fishing Biologist and BLHA volunteers removed over 95% of the fish within Berkeley Lake and relocated them to local ponds and lakes on the same day. Photos can be viewed at the Berkeley Lake Community Website.